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Pennies with Promise

“And they did it with something that is basically worthless in our society – pennies. But overseas, pennies can move mountains.” -Greg Mortenson

pennies with promise

Chris, Promise, and I want to send the warmest “THANK YOU” to everyone who has prayed for Ruth and the children at the Amukura orphanage and donated money towards Ruth’s wheelchair and incontinence supplies. My prayer for Ruth has been that she would tangibly see and feel the love of Jesus through these medical supplies and that these supplies would bring relief to her body that has already endured so much.

To my knowledge, God has taken the $14.00 that Promise laid on our kitchen table a few months back, and turned it into $961.25! Our goal was to raise $650.00 for Ruth’s wheelchair and about $28.00 for monthly incontinence supplies, and as you can clearly see, we have gone far beyond that goal. The above picture shows a handful of the oldest children who attend ECCEC preschool at Elmbrook Church. These amazing little kids emptied their piggy banks and for two weeks gave generously and whole heartedly during their “Pennies with Promise” drive. Using only penny wells that were stationed in the halls, these children raised $352.25 for Ruth.

It makes me teary every time I say that. Promise and I were able to stop by ECCEC and thank some of the children personally. I also want to say thank you to all of the other families who participated in this that I did not get to thank. Thank you, as well, to my nieces Abigail and Madelyn who gave very generously from their own piggy banks.

Sr. Leah, who is one of the caretakers at the orphanage is in the process of purchasing Ruth’s wheelchair and getting us a picture of her in it. As soon as I receive that, I will be sure to share it.

Amukura Orphanage is in a remote part of Kenya, so things take time. The needs for these children are great. If you did not get the opportunity to participate in donating towards Ruth’s needs, you can still make a general gift donation to the orphanage at any point and it will be so appreciated! Checks can be made out to “The Little Sister’s Angel Fund” and can be sent to:

Sr. Lucy Marindany

4059 N 25th St.

Milwaukee, WI 53209

A receipt and tax deduction form will be sent to you.

If you missed the full story about Ruth and Promise’s $14, check out my two posts titled “Dinnertime Leftovers and Twelve Dollars” and “But God… But God… But God…”

Grace and Peace,


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