Surgery Day!

This post will be short and sweet.

I am physically wiped and literally cleaned out. I’ve been on a clear liquid diet for over 24 hours. Last night, I took my LAST EVER dose of Senekot-S and Linzess. This morning I had my first round of cleaning out, went and taught my portfolio class, then came back and started chugging that nasty stuff you drink before a colonoscopy. At this point, I feel like the prep is actually going to be worse than the surgery. I’m so weak, light headed, my Chiari is MAD, have a horrible headache, and I am extremely hungry.

But tomorrow is surgery day! I have to be at the hospital in 6 hours. At this point, nothing sounds sweeter than having them knock me out cold.

What exactly am I have done? A Laparoscopic Keyhole Loop End Ileostomy. They will be creating a stoma (new opening) at the end of my small intestine (my ileum) in which my intestinal wall will be brought to the surface of my skin and flipped backward, creating almost a “cuff”. This will remain outside of my body permanently. The ostomy bag will then attach around the stoma.

I’ve spent the last few days in pre-op festivities, one which involved meeting with an ostomy nurse. I can’t even get into the emotional aspect of the physical change that is about to happen to my body. I’m too exhausted, so that will be reserved for a later post.

I do feel at peace, though, and I am doing OK. More than any previous surgery, I know that not only will this surgery dramatically improve my own health, but also the “health” of my family. That is what’s driving and pushing me right now.

My surgery is being done at Aurora St. Luke’s Medical Hospital in West Allis, WI on November 6th, at 8:30 am. My parents are here (Thank you, Lord!) so Chris and I will get to the hospital at 6 am and my parents will join Chris after taking Promise to school in the morning.

For now, we’d specifically appreciate prayers for post-op recovery. The procedure is about 2 hours and I will most likely be on a morphine pump, post-op. Given my history with anesthesia (It took them 3 days in the ICU to wake me up last surgery) and the nausea that I experience, prayer that both of these things can be avoided would be on the top of our request list. We will add more requests tomorrow.

As of now, we do not know how long I will be in the hospital, but at least one night minimum.

Thank you all for praying and GOOD NIGHT!:)


About Adri

Jesus died for me, so he gets my life. Chris married me, so he gets my heart. Promise came out of me, so she gets my time. Creativity was given to me, so it gets my passion. Spina Bifida and Chiari won't leave me, so they get my fight. My family supports me, so they get my honesty. My friends encourage me, so they get my loyalty. My dog is tiny, soft, and warm, so she gets my lap. My words are me, so they get this blog. View all posts by Adri

4 responses to “Surgery Day!

  • Nancy Heltemes

    God be with you. Peace surround you. The love of The Lord be with you.
    My favorite prayer mantra will be all for you today and in the coming days.


  • Shawn Rogutich

    Hi sweet friend, you have been on my mind for the past several days as your surgery approached. I am praying for you, for your doctors and nurses, your family, and specifically for your recovery. You are in the Lord’s hands and there is no sweeter place to be. Love you!


  • Bess

    Dearest Adri,
    Sitting here praying for you. So encouraged by your life, by your writing. By your words on “mom guilt”.
    Claudia and I are blessed to have you as a friend.
    I am praying that the surgery will bring freedom from your continuous weekly battle with pain. I cannot imagine what all your body has had to endure these many years, these epic regimens to do something the rest of us view as a given.
    Yet you continue to rise with grace.

    Hugs, Bess


  • Annie Gillary

    You are amazing, Adri! Keeping you in my prayers. May Gods love, mercy and grace shine upon you. Annie


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