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My move from CaringBridge to WordPress!

To those of you who navigated your way here from my CaringBridge site; Welcome to our new “home”. It feels pretty warm and comfy already, huh?

To those of you who have not been following my story on CaringBridge; Hi! My name is Adri. You can catch up, if you’d like, by clicking on this link …

I’m 29 years old and I’ve had 20 surgeries. I was born with a lipomyelomeningocele¬†spina bifida (the simple fact that I could spell that without a dictionary should excite you to read my blog…) and also have a Chiari 1 Malformation in my brain. I’m married to an (almost) Super Hero named Chris, have an insanely smart and creative 6 year old named Promise, and a teeny tiny chi-weenie named Brie. We live in Milwaukee, WI and my #1 job is taking care of these hooligans;) In my spare time, I teach Fashion Portfolio and Fashion Illustration at Mount Mary University and run my custom illustration business, Made by Adri. ( ).

I am so excited to jump into the “why” behind my blog name, “Staples, Stitches, and a Stone”. It sounds raw and authentic, and a little gritty at times, which is kind of how I view myself.

CaringBridge met a need when I had my 20th spine surgery in March of 2012. But those needs have shifted from an “immediate health crisis” to an “ongoing health crisis” of sorts, which is why I have relocated to a blog format to supply health updates. I also wanted a space where I could write about general musings that I have throughout the day, because believe it or not (wink wink) my life isn’t about my disease.

My prayer for this blog is that some of the words that I write will be nested into your heart and head and might cause you to better know the joy, peace, and hope that a life lived for Jesus can bring.


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